Physical Education


Physical education is a process through which favourable adoption and learning organic, neuromuscular, intellectual, social, cultural, emotional and an ethic result from and processed through selected and fairly vigorous physical activity. Physical education is imparting learning to choose appropriate physical activity for personal growth, wellbeing and pleasure in performance.”

A sport is an organized athletic event in which people are either participants or spectators. Some sporting activities include team playing such as handball, football and basketball etc. Others engage one participant in competition against another, such as tennis and badminton. Other sports may not necessarily be competitive, such as jogging, swimming and horseback riding. There are organized amateur sporting competitions such as Olympics, Asian Games Federation, National football league and National basketball association.

“All work and no play make jack a dull boy”

So the institution will gives equal importance for the extracurricular activities.

Staff in the department are :

·         Dr.(Tmt.) J.Sasikala, M.O.Ed,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,  Physical Director

·         Mrs.C.Seetha Lakshmi B.Sc.,MPES,M.Phil,(Phd), Physical Director (Eve)