SMRTI, the annual inter collegiate cultural fiesta, is conducted every year with great fanfare in memory of our founder chairman SHRI NANALAL BHATT and his wife SHRIMATHI DEVKUNVAR NANALAL BHATT. The theme of our cultural festival is SWARNOTSAV - Time travel. The three-day fest was attended by many students across the colleges in Chennai, who enthusiastically participated in 24 competitions. The mini train set design and the stage backdrop depicting “time travel” by Visual communication department found way as status in almost all mobiles. The students eagerly looked forward to this day. We have spared no attempt to include diverse events so that students from all over the city can participate and exhibit their talent.

Intercollegiate cultural fiesta was inaugurated on Jan 23 by the Carnatic Vocalists Mambalam Sisters, Dr. Sheela Unni Krishnan, Director Sridevi Nrithyalaya and Arun Suradhaa, Music Composer & Producer. Euphoria prevailed in the atmosphere as the guests performed.

After the inauguration, the onstage events like Variety Entertainment, Folk Dance, Carnatic Vocal, Light Music, Instrumental, Adaptune and Group dance. The participants showcased the varied talents and enthralled the audience with their enlightening performances of the participants.

The offstage events like Dumb Charades, Tamil Kavithai, Tattoo Making, English and Tamil oratory, Quiz, Bridal Makeup and Nail art events played a catalyst in bringing the best out of our talented students. The two day cultural fest saw exuberant students participate in a myriad of competitions. The mettle of these students was surely tested; nevertheless they were unfazed.

The Valedictory session on Jan 25th was presided by Padmashri Kamalhasan.

The popularity of a festival is judged by the support from the sponsors and without whom, the execution and success of this event could not have been possible. The judges were eminent academicians, musicians, artists and Television personalities. Going by this yardstick the festival was a great success.

Although academics are important, it is also essential once in a while to go out of the way to have fun and discover new opportunities and learn outside the classroom atmosphere. These cultural events gave us the opportunities to exactly do so. The showcase of the cultural extravaganza by the students from various colleges is a great learning experience for our own students. I am sure my fellow students would have enjoyed these two days with a lot of merriment and fun. I look forward to same fun-filled vibes and enthusiasm pervading the air in the following years to come.